Motor Cop Shop, Inc. (M.C.S.) was founded to serve the motor officers in the United States, Canada, Central and South America. M.C.S. president and founder is Bob Cook, a veteran motor officer. Bob recently retired from the San Diego Police Department after 24 years of service. His last 19 years were spent as a traffic motor officer, accumulating over a half million enforcement miles on a Kawasaki KZ1000. Bob's riding skill and ability to communicate were put to good use when he was selected to be a motorcycle training officer. More than once Bob has come across his former students from years ago ordering helmets for their agencies.

Bob understands what it means to be a motor officer, and how important it is to have the right equipment for the job. In early 1999, Bob approached Arai Helmet Americas, Inc. and encouraged them to enter the law enforcement market. In about a year the principals at Arai realized he was onto something unique. The primary stumbling block had been the traditional rigid mount visor seen on other law enforcement helmets. This was not in compliance with DOT requirements or SNELL standards. Bob found a way to incorporate the demand for the traditional visor and the DOT and SNELL mandated break-away feature. This led to the Arai Classic/m Police model with the MP-T visor. As is typical with both Bob and Arai, "good" was just not good enough. Arai was willing to listen to someone who had years of experience in the motorcycle officer profession. Now Arai offers the Classic-LE2 helmet with two different break-away visor styles and a snap-in, removable liner available in four different thicknesses per helmet shell --- the best helmet for this unique and demanding occupation.